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The Artist
On the outside I'm strong
But on the inside I'm in Hell
I make subtle cries
But no one who notices will help
With a break in my skin
And a hole in my heart
Without anyone's love
I'm like incomplete art
My body a canvas
My tears are the paint
My scars are all of
the mistakes that I've made
My arms are the brushes
My feet, the tabouret
My heart is the artist
Who is riddled with pain
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Me Screwing Around by falco1776 Me Screwing Around :iconfalco1776:falco1776 0 0 Tower of Apples_#1 by falco1776 Tower of Apples_#1 :iconfalco1776:falco1776 2 2 Gimmick Logo/Symbol by falco1776 Gimmick Logo/Symbol :iconfalco1776:falco1776 0 3
In the midst of everything,
I decide to stay in bed,
quietly thinking to myself,
with thoughts racing through my head
This loneliness is agonizing,
but oddly soothing as well,
it gives me a sense of freedom,
though I feel trapped in a cell
This felling in me,
I'm sure you've felt it to,
So do you feel alone,
because I know I do
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The Bedside Story
I awoke in a dark room. The only source of light was the candle that burned dimly by my bedside. "Where am I?"  I wondered to myself as my eyes struggled to remain open. I looked around repeatedly. Left, then right, left, then right again. I saw nothing clearly. The walls appeared to be of a high quality wood. From what i could see the wood was sturdy. I tried to stand, but my body was to weak. 
Still, I managed to sit up. It was an improvement. I now had a better view of the room. It was well kept and very clean. The door at the other side of the room was made of fine wood. The door's wood was bright, pure, and clean, well that's how it looked from where I was sitting  I looked to my side. The candle, still burning, was to my right. It sat on a nightstand. It had no drawers, and it wasn't very large. The wood was of poor quality. It Had turned grey, and had many pieces chipped off of it.
After about ten minutes I managed to muster the strength to stand. I let
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The Halo (The Noose)
The Halo
Samuel Emmett
I never thought it was a possibility,
Until I meat you,
An angel that was a sight to behold
I was standing in the rain,
Waiting for the bus,
I looked to my left,
And saw you running across the street,
I had never seen someone so bad at dodging traffic,
I asked if you were all right,
You gave me the response that everyone gives to that question
"I'm all right"
I asked if you were positive,
For I knew that that might not be the case for much longer,
The streets at night are lined with scum,
Like those of addicts,
And souls lost to the world,
You reassured me that you were all right,
So I let you go,
Though probably shouldn't have
A few days later,
I went to the hospital to visit my father,
He would lie slowly dying on his bed,
That's all I would hear from him,
If I was lucky,
I fell asleep by his bedside,
And I awoke to a nurse telling me that visiting hours were over,
Still half asleep I coul
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Three-leaf clovers are common,
Four-leaf clovers not so much,
But does the abundance of them really matter,
Some people are happy with a three-leaf clover,
The clover makes them happy because they love it,
Others are greedy and throw the three-leaf clovers aside,
Looking only for the four-leaf clovers,
The ones tossed aside are undesired and therefore exiled,
By even the most contempt of people,
But there is always the one person,
Who will pick up the beaten and tattered clover,
And he will see not an outcast,
But he will,
C Lover
:iconfalco1776:falco1776 12 2
A Little Birdie Told Me
A little birdie told me to trust him,
So I did,
A little birdie told me to steal,
So I did,
A little birdie told me that people didn't want to be my friend,
So I neglected them,
A little birdie told me not to fight,
So I lied down and took the beating,
A little birdie told me that the wounds wouldn't heal,
So I never tended to my open sores,
A little birdie told me that I wouldn't be missed,
So I ran away with no remorse,
A little birdie told me a lie,
So I did as the birdie told me
A little birdie told me I should think for myself,
So I ignored everything else the birdie had to say,
A little birdie told me to steal,
So I just shrugged and paid for my food,
A little birdie told me that people didn't want to be my friend,
So I socialized with the many people around me,
A little birdie told me that the wounds wouldn't heal,
So I bandaged them up and moved on with my life,
A little birdie told me that I wouldn't be missed,
So I stayed right where I belonged,
A little b
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Who am I?
Who are you?
Who am I to judge?
Who can help me break free of this hell that is choking me?
What is love?
What is pain?
What is destiny?
What is this emptiness in my soul that I cannot fill?
When will I speak up?
When will they hear me?
When will they accept me?
When will I realize that I don't accept them either?
Where is my future?
Where is my truth?
Where is my purpose?
Where is the bridge between my fiction and reality?
Why am I speaking?
Why am I here?
Why didn't my parents want me?
Why do I mistreat the people that love me?
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I Dreamt of a Child's Memories
I once dreamt that I was a being not from this world,
I simply watched a person's life,
Nothing magnificent or special
Just a witness to all of their pain, love, sorrow, and joy,
Like an angel if you may
When I arrived in my dream I saw only darkness,
I walked forward for what seemed like hours,
Until I saw a young girl that was only but a child,
Standing still,
As I looked closer,
I noticed more people standing with her.
I approached them,
I came to see that they were standing around a hole,
In the hole were two caskets,
And in the caskets the child's mother and father,
I was shocked and amazed not by the fact that the her parents had died,
But by the fact that no matter how much the child wanted,
The tears would not flow.
Eventually the people faded,
But the child remained,
When I approached to offer my words of comfort,
The girl turned to me,
"Are you here to pretend that you pity me too?"
I was left speechless,
The young girl soon faded and all that I saw was an empty abyss yet aga
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Dream it. Do it.
Dream all you can
But don’t spend all your time sleeping.
Feel all you can
But don’t spend all your time weeping.
If you see a shooting star;
Catch it and run far.
Let its burning light ignite
Your heart, mind and soul.
Be inspired
But also be inspiration;
Listen well
And you could be
The voice of a generation.
Daydream and scheme
And look beyond
What things seem,
But also do and be;
Allow yourself restraint
As a means of being free.
Dream in reality
As well as in your sleep
And you’ll soon find
That fulfilment
Is yours to keep.
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when i was a child:
i loved to steal.
i would go around my neighborhood
and steal lawn ornaments.
at daycare, i would steal money
and toys
and food.
once, i stole my next door neighbor’s
rabbit statute.
when my parents confronted me,
the lie was smooth and solid:
i saw so-and-so take it.
when i was a child:
i loved to lie.
i would make up stories
to get reactions out of people.
to see if they’d believe me.
for fun.
once, i convinced my friend charlotte
that i had twenty-four hours to live.
when she burst into tears,
i had to bite my tongue
to keep from laughing.
when i was a child:
i loved animals.
i would lock my dog in the closet
and in the bathroom.
a lot of my neighbors left birdcages out
during the day
so i set all of the birds free.
once, i imagined what it would be like
to kill an animal.
then, i imagined what it would be like
to run over it repeatedly
with a car
so i did it with my scooter
to a rose i found
because it was red
like blood.
when i was a
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  • Listening to: Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Pendulum, Netsky
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Been working on a lot of my music lately. I've been trying to put the finishing touches on three of my songs son that I can release them. Problem is that I feel rushed, so I keep making them sound terrible in the end. Anyways, I've been watching a lot of anime in my spare time. I've been watching "The World God Only Knows II," "Sekirei," "Mayo Chiki," and "A Certain Scientific Railgun." I've been writing my poetry as well. In fact I have a few of them that are ready to upload. I just seem to get caught up in other things or feel like the poem is incomplete somehow, so I decide not to upload it yet. Anyway, something that has also been taking up my time are three separate stories that I've been working on. Two of them I have started, and the other one is still in my head (I need to finalize some details before I start writing). To top it off I have been switching back in forth to fan-fictions. Though they tend to die out of my mind rather quickly; I still have a few of them that are proving to be long-lived, while others are there, but I can't think of how to start the story, or how to incorporate my own character into the story in a way that makes them "blend" in to the story seamlessly. I believe that if you write you understand my dilema. I also keep having the issue of which writing style to use. I have found that in certain parts of my stories one style work better than another, but then another style works better at a different part. Actually here is a list of the issue I face when writing.

1. Character Names (need to fit their personality)
2. Not making my characters over powerful (mostly in the sense of fan-fictions)
3. Writing style transitions (or picking a style in general)
4. Character Appearance (How should I describe them) [This is where being able to draw really well would be useful]
5. Story Progression (that point where you are stuck between two parts of your story, and you know exactly how you want them to go, but don't know what should come in between)
6. Backstories (giving a good original backstory, but not being repetitive)

Yeah, so I've been trying to keep myself busy, but then I realized that school starts in two days, so I feel disappointed because I know that I wont be able to work on my stuff as often. Anyway that's all I really have to say. So this is me... signing off

*Edit: Just got word from a friend that he would like my help with some stuff, so I'm pretty much booked in terms of personal life.


falco1776's Profile Picture
Samuel Emmett
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I generally like to keep myself at an average social level, but I fail at this by talking too much. I like to watch a lot of anime and I really enjoy playing my guitar. When I read a book (which I rarely do) I really like there to be a deep seated meaning behind it that, in a since, will change the way a person or persons look at life. This is also why I like music. To me there is a meaning behind music. If you take the music away from a song what you essentially have is poetry. Which if you view my gallery you wil see that I write poetry as well.

I am currently more of a writer/poet than an illustrator. I am still trying to become better however in hopes that I can start creating art for my writings as well.

Current Residence: Glassboro
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Electronic
Favourite style of art: Can't really say. Every style of art has its own unique aspects.
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPhone/iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Anything that doesn't represent a phase. This way I don't have the urge to always change it.
Favourite cartoon character: Portgas D. Ace or L
Personal Quote: "What matters most in life are the moments that make life worth living."


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