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Three-leaf clovers are common,

Four-leaf clovers not so much,

But does the abundance of them really matter,

Some people are happy with a three-leaf clover,

The clover makes them happy because they love it,

Others are greedy and throw the three-leaf clovers aside,

Looking only for the four-leaf clovers,

The ones tossed aside are undesired and therefore exiled,

By even the most contempt of people,

But there is always the one person,

Who will pick up the beaten and tattered clover,

And he will see not an outcast,

But he will,

C Lover
I got the idea for this when I was reading a manga, and in the back i saw an add for a series called 'Clover'. I mistakenly read this as lover and then decided to write this poem.

This poem is about how instead of seeing a girl for who she is, guys will simply weed out the "hot" ones (the four-leaf clovers). It is also about the fact that not all men are stupid, arrogant fools. So men do see a woman for who she really is.
WhatHealsMeKillsMe Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I found your poem in my email under Good Luck Charms: Art We Heart. I found this poem very cleverly written! I like it a lot! Great job! :) This poem will stay with me in my mind throughout the day. I thank you for sharing this!
Wild-emo-13 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012  Student Photographer
i find this so cute :love:
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